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The advantages of familiarity

As the preferred wedding photographers for Wedgewood Sequoia Mansion and Wedgewood David Girard Vineyards, myself and my associates get the opportunity to photograph couples in these venues multiple times throughout the year – all different kinds of weddings, many different kinds of couples, in different kinds of weather, at different times of day and in different light.

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We used the rain as a fun prop at Laura and David’s winter wedding in 2014 at the Wedgewood Sequoia Mansion.

And while an experienced professional photographer can make beautiful images no matter what the situation, there is something to be said for having a photographer with you on the day who immediately has a list of go-to options and locations for your venue.

I am often reminded of this when I myself am shooting at a new venue vs. working at one of the Wedgewood properties. When timelines are tight, such as in weddings with only limited coverage (5 hrs or less), or when things go awry (as they tend to do in all weddings, no matter how well planned) I find that I am able to respond much more quickly, spending much less time hunting for good backdrops, or good light, when I am at a property I am familiar with. Having had time to explore with previous couples, I know where to go for the best light when the wedding finishes at 5pm and we’re running late or losing light. I know not to spend time walking brides and grooms to a certain spot when I know that the bright sunlight will be difficult to work with at that time of day, or when I know that the sun will have already set behind a hill by the time we get there.

While I hesitate to say that any time spent location scouting is wasted, when time is of the essence and food and family are waiting in the reception area, ultimately this means more time spent actually photographing brides and grooms, less rushing, less stress, and more beautiful images as a result.

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Elaina and Henry’s 2015 David Girard Vineyards wedding was no less beautiful for the sporadic rain than placed them under the arches of the courtyard.

Sunflower Field Photography_1945

The light is beautiful in the evening, just before the sun sets, down in David Girard’s Vineyards


Night time is a great time to whisk the bride and groom away to the upstairs windows at The Sequoia Mansion for a romantic shot.


And when it comes to the reception and lighting those romantic first dance shots, knowing the best places to put our flashes for different set-ups, without trial-and-error, definitely allows us to focus on capturing all the fun moments of the evening without fiddling with light.

Sunflower Field Photography_2172

Another great benefit is the relationships we preferred vendors form after working together time after time throughout the year. This makes for easy coordinating with Dottie from Camino Flower Shop when she knows that the bride needs her bouquet for portraits by 2pm, or when DJ Steve from Sierra Mobile Music collaborates with us to ensure we have enough time to capture as many fun traditions during the reception as we can, before time and coverage runs out. These are little details that can end up making a big difference in how the smooth-flowing of a wedding goes.

Sunflower Field Photography Lisa Richmond Wedgewood Sequoia Mansion Wedding Photographer_0011

The ballroom at the Sequoia Inn is a romantic and intimate place to share a first dance.

If you’re looking for beautiful, professional wedding photography at a Wedegwood property, we invite you to browse around our site and see many of the beautiful moments we’ve been able to capture using the in-depth knowledge of the venues that we have.



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