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Lauren + Matthew

Sunflower Field Photography_2504Lauren and Matt chose a beautiful spring day in the Sierra Nevada foothills for their Sunday wedding.   Mid-morning clouds gave way to brilliant blue skies and warm sunshine, just in time for their midday ceremony.  The bride, a vision in her lace-trimmed champagne gown with elegant train, was surprised by her handsome groom (in a very smart charcoal day suit with navy tie, we might add) on the front lawn of the Wedgewood Sequoia Mansion as both sets of parents looked on.  While they snuggled in each other’s arms after the First Look, Lauren’s dad held her shoes in his hand and watched his little girl radiate in the love and excitement of a bride on her wedding day.  Of course, Lauren being the casually elegant and light-hearted bride that she was, didn’t need her shoes just yet – she padded along barefoot with Matt until just before the ceremony.  Perhaps getting ready for beach walks on their Maui honeymoon?  These are the moments we live for, and it was so special to capture them with the entire family!

 This was an especially personal ceremony, as Lauren’s dad was the officiant.  He not only walked Lauren down the aisle, but he gave an incredibly touching and humorous service that had you dabbing your eyes from either tears of joy or laughter, and sometimes both at the same time!  Not content to leave just his daughter at the altar, Dad seized the opportunity to offer up his four sons to any eligible ladies in the house.  This definitely stirred up some nervous “is he serious??” laughter from the seven bridesmaids, and who knows, perhaps planted the seed for a budding romance?  From the family photo session, it was evident that Lauren has a very close relationship with her brothers, and that any girl that is lucky enough to win their hearts can expect a lot of hip bumping, high fiving, bear hugging, and bow ties in her future.

Lauren and Matt proved to be a sweet and loving couple with some pretty infectious happiness!  And that first kiss?  About as  poetic as it gets.  We wish these two all the best and can’t wait to share their wedding gallery with them.

Photographer: Lisa Richmond for Sunflower Field Photography  | Photographer’s Assistant: Ashley Wells, Jessica Tallman(and second shooting) | Ceremony and Reception Venue: Wedgewood Sequoia Mansion |  Music/DJ: Sierra Mobile Music / Steve Boutte | Floral Stylist: Camino Flower Shop  |  Staging: Cocomont |
Hair Stylist: Crimson Rose | Cake Artist:Way Back Bakery

Sunflower Field Photography_2488Sunflower Field Photography_2489photograph below, Jessica TallmanSunflower Field Photography_2520Sunflower Field Photography_2490Sunflower Field Photography_2486Sunflower Field Photography_2491photographs below, Jessica TallmanSunflower Field Photography_2492Sunflower Field Photography_2493Sunflower Field Photography_2494photograph below, Jessica TallmanSunflower Field Photography_2495Sunflower Field Photography_2496photograph bottom right, Jessica TallmanSunflower Field Photography_2497photograph bottom, Jessica TallmanSunflower Field Photography_2498photographs left and center, Jessica TallmanSunflower Field Photography_2499Sunflower Field Photography_2500photograph below left, Jessica TallmanSunflower Field Photography_2501photograph below by Jessica TallmanSunflower Field Photography_2502photograph below by Jessica TallmanSunflower Field Photography_2503Sunflower Field Photography_2505Sunflower Field Photography_2506Sunflower Field Photography_2507Sunflower Field Photography_2508photographs below by Jessica TallmanSunflower Field Photography_2509Sunflower Field Photography_2510Sunflower Field Photography_2511Sunflower Field Photography_2512Sunflower Field Photography_2513Sunflower Field Photography_2514Sunflower Field Photography_2515photograph below by Jessica TallmanSunflower Field Photography_2516Sunflower Field Photography_2517Sunflower Field Photography_2518Sunflower Field Photography_2519Sunflower Field Photography_2521Sunflower Field Photography_2522Sunflower Field Photography_2523Sunflower Field Photography_2524

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