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Allison + Tom

Sunflower Field Photography_2687When you’re planning your wedding in the Sacramento area in the middle of May, rain is pretty far down on your list of concerns. As it likely was when Allison and Tom chose the beautiful vineyards of David Girard to marry. The days leading up to their big day were unsettled and stormy, however, and the skies opened up during their rehearsal and forced them under the arches of the reception area. Allison started to come to the realization that she might not have the outdoor ceremony she was hoping for and plans were being formed for moving the marriage to those same covered arches. Driving up to Placerville from Sacramento, rain and sunshine intermixed. The clouds looked ominous but there was also blue sky, and there was no way to make a comfortable call just by looking up. The weather forecast said 70% chance of rain at 4:30pm, the time of their ceremony.

Even up to an hour before the ceremony, no final decision had been made (kudos to the DGV staff for being so flexible and willing to make changes at the last minute.) Allison and Tom met in the middle of the vineyards and through tears of happiness, hugged and kissed and laughed. Meanwhile, Tom kept his eye on the sky and eventually declared with near-certainty “It’s not going to rain. I say let’s do it outdoors!” And the decision was made.

Tom will get to gloat about that decision for many years to come because not a single drop of rain fell from the sky until well into the night. The sun was out, the sky was beautiful, and so was Allison and Tom’s wedding.

Despite all the uncertainty about the ceremony’s location, Allison and Tom were focused on enjoying their day and their time together. They were fun and easy to photograph, with a wedding party that went right along with that flow. From the moment everyone barn-stormed the reception entrance with their dance moves, you could tell this was going to be a great party.

During the reception, Allison’s Man-of-Honor, Darrin, gave a hilarious speech that had everyone doubling over with laughter, and her father, Gary, also shared some funny anecdotes about his first impressions of Tom. The evening ended with an awesome dance party and enough smiles to make your face hurt.

Congratulations Allison and Tom. The clouds parted for your ceremony and we hope that the rest of your marriage is equally as blessed.

Photographer: Michelle McDaid for Sunflower Field Photography  | Photographer’s Assistant/2nd Shooter: Vickie Horvath for Sunflower Field Photography | Ceremony and Reception Venue: David Girard Vineyards |  Floral Stylist: Camino Flower Shop  |  Event Staging: Cocomont | Hair and Makeup: Elements Hair Salon |Cake Artist:  Way Back Bakery | Officiant: Rev. Corkie Matson for Tan Wedding and Events

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