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About Sunflower Field Photography

Sunflower Field Photography is owned by veteran wedding photographer, Lisa Richmond. Lisa has been shooting weddings in the Northern California area now for more than a decade under Lisa Richmond Photography. Through the quality of her work coupled with her unique ability to put her clients at ease she was chosen by Wedgewood Sequoia Mansion and Wedgewood David Girard Vineyards as their single preferred photographer. Sunflower Field Photography was created to serve this special relationship and the many, wonderful couples that choose Sunflower Field through these turn-key packages.

Sunflower Field photographers are each successful photographers in their own right, not apprentices.  Each benefits from photographing at Wedgewood facilities on multiple occasions and knows each venue well. This means less time scouting for the right backdrop or light and more time working with you to capture beautiful and authentic moments in locations that best show off your bridal party, the venue and the many other details of your wedding day that you have carefully chosen.

While each photographer has their own, unique “eye” for a photograph, the common threads that bind Sunflower Field photographers are: a friendly, calm, compassionate, and professional demeanor, plus a genuine enthusiasm for getting to know you and documenting the special and beautiful moments of your wedding story.

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Lisa Richmond, Lead Photographer

Lisa Richmond, Lead Photographer     

Hi, I’m Lisa and I’m the lead photographer and owner of Sunflower Field Photography. I have been a photographer for most of my life, starting my journey at Syracuse University in New York where I majored in Photojournalism and Photo Illustration.

When I was growing up, my family moved every two or three years. So, while I never stayed rooted, I did learn how to dig-in quickly. Thankfully I can credit my mom for my natural ease with people. Like her, I was always able to make new friends and lasting connections even while on-the-move. And now, by establishing a similar rapport with my clients, it’s easier to learn their story. This gives me the freedom to focus on capturing the feeling of the moment with my camera. This relaxed attitude, I find, also brings out the best in my clients.

Behind my calm exterior, I am super focused on the inside, with the experience to know when I need to step forward and bring a little order to a situation, or guide the way to a creative solution. I let my clients know I’ve been in their shoes, nervous or concerned about the details. It is important they know I care and that I’m there for them.

While I love to photograph families, births, seniors and all of life’s milestones along the way, weddings continue to give me that extra little on-the-job jolt of adrenaline.

Every wedding is unique and personal and no two are the same (even when the venue remains so.) With that at the forefront of my mind, I love the challenge of capturing the multi-layered stories at play on the day. There’s the main story I follow, starring the bride and groom, but I am also constantly scanning for those supporting stories that make each event I cover special: the Uncle warming up his violin, the flower girl playing on that luscious red couch, or the groomsmen setting up a prank – all scenes the bride and groom may miss. For me, it’s all the little stories together that paint the perfect picture.

Working with me, you will get a responsive photographer, someone who genuinely cares about you. You get a photographer who loves the magic that light plays on the world around you and someone who not only pays attention to the details but who also likes to add a little fun and adventure, in search of new ways to reveal the hidden beauty that is always there.

I truly love what I do and the people I meet. I’m looking forward to learning more about you!


In the meantime, I’d like to introduce you to my talented associate photographers who also capture beautiful moments at Wedgewood weddings. Before taking on weddings independently, I ensure associate photographers have worked with me personally – either assisting or acting as a second-shooter – so they can not only get to know the venue but have first-hand experience with how I work with my couples. It’s important to me that every couple who works with Sunflower Field Photography, regardless of which photographer photographs their day, receives the kind of high-quality coverage and service that I would provide personally.



Michelle McDaid, Associate Photographer

Michelle McDaid, Associate Photographer

Michelle has her own family photography business in the Sacramento area where her style is modern, fun and full of emotion. She has been working with me since 2012 and I always love how she manages to find a unique angle or composition that were not immediately obvious to me.

As a professional writer in various capacities for most of her life, Michelle also loves to hunt for the “story” on your wedding day, always looking for the ‘moments in between’: the soft kiss your partner planted on your bare shoulder when you were having a quiet moment, or your mom fighting to hold back proud tears in the front row during your ceremony.

A previous life also had Michelle planning and overseeing special events and so she is great at managing timelines, working collaboratively with your other vendors, and remaining a calm presence during the many, seemingly-chaotic moments of a wedding day.

Originally hailing from London, you may hear her accent creep through in the odd word or phrase, and occasionally she is still known to bust out some English-ism that nobody understands but that makes everyone laugh along with her anyway.

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Jaime Emery, Associate Photographer

Jaime Emery, Associate Photographer

Our latest team member, Jaime, is a California girl through and through. Coming to us from the mountains of Lake Tahoe, where she lives and works as a wedding and portrait photographer. After graduating from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, she cut her creative teeth in the world of graphic design for over a decade. Her clean, fun design aesthetic carried over naturally to her photography work when she decided to make the career switch five years ago. Jaime has a natural ability for making flattering portraits, but also has a talent for documentary-style photography. She’s constantly striving for the balance between being invisible on your wedding day in order to catch the quiet moments, but also giving you enough direction so you never feel awkward or unnatural while being photographed. Jaime has the gift of a laid-back-yet-in-charge personality, something you’ll really appreciate on your wedding day when things start to get hectic!

When she’s not photographing a wedding or family portrait session, Jaime is an avid Stand Up Paddle boarder, mountain biker, snowboarder or anything else that involves being outdoors. She has 2 faithful running companions (dogs) and a slightly less faithful running companion in her 3-legged cat named Frank. She is also a hopeless romantic and will probably cry at your wedding.

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